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Serving the Greater Las Vegas Valley, Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin
Our Services

Quality pool services that we provide to our clients

Pool & Spa Services

+Water analysis and chemical adjustments
+Monthly pool cleaning services
+Quarterly & Semi-Annual Filter Cleaning
+Saltwater pool conversion
+LED pool light upgrade/conversion
+Photographic documentation
+Only high quality chemicals

Pool & Spa Maintenance

+Monthly pool cleaning and chemical adjustments
+Diagnosis of equipment malfunctions and repair
+Acid wash
+Chlorine wash (Chlorine bath)
+Pool drain
+Filter cleaning quarterly or semi-annually
+Seasonal PoolRx Treatments

Pool & Spa Accessories

+Automatic pool cleaner
+Chlorine floaters and dispensers
+Skimmer baskets
+Pool pump baskets
+Leaf baskets
+Delivery and installation of Pool accessories

Pool Automation System

+Upgrade to a pool automation system
+Monitor and control pool systems remotely
+Control pool pump remotely
+Control pool heater remotely
+Adjust pool temperature remotely (pool heater required)
+Control pool lights remotely
+Connect to home/local Wi-Fi

Pool & Spa Repairs

+Pool pump repairs or replacement
+Pool pump motor repairs or replacement
+Pool heater repair or replacement
+Pool light repairs or replacement
+Pool pop-up head repairs or replacement
+Delivery and installation of pool parts
+Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, J&J Electronics, First Choice

Our Pool Service program:

What is included in our weekly pool service?

During our weekly pool visit, we will do an onsite water test to check the chemical levels, provide chemical adjustments (chlorine tablets and acid), remove the debris from the pool surface and bottom, brush when needed, empty the leaf traps at the skimmer and pump, and inspect your pool equipment to ensure everything is in working order. You will also receive a weekly report of the pool service to include images and GPS location delivered directly to your email!  How do you pay for our services?  Billing is done at the beginning of the month and is sent electronically via email.  You will be able to pay securely online.

What are considered additional services?

Chemical treatments beyond normal maintenance adjustments, adding salt (salt pools), seasonal PoolRx treatments, quarterly & semi-annual filter cleanings, sand filter cleanings, quarterly hot tub drain & sanitization, salt cell flushing/cleaning, phosphate treatments, repair and replacement of pool equipment (pump, motor, heater, timers, controllers, etc.), diagnostics, changing gaskets & seals, repairing or replacing bad valves or piping, plumbing leaks, pool water drains, chlorine baths, acid wash, conversion to salt pool, pool light repairs or upgrades, etc. Additional water features will be extra such as fountains or above ground hot tubs. Trip charges to address concerns that are not covered by the weekly pool maintenance visits.  We also charge to to show tenants/AirBNB how to use your pool equipment (spa, heater, etc).


We are swimming pool and
spa professionals.

Our goal is to deliver outstanding, professional and reliable all-round pool service to you, so that you can enjoy your pool carefree all year round. Our pool management team is always happy to take care of your requests as fast as possible.