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Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Your use of this website or our services are governed by the terms and conditions set forth below. By using this website or our services, you agree to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions. Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Services, LLC, known herein as LVPCS, may make changes to this website, including these terms and conditions, at any time without notice. You agree to be bound by the current version of these terms.

LVPCS offers comprehensive pool maintenance and repair services centered on providing exceptional customer service and professional workmanship. Each service provided is subject to its own terms and conditions while terms set forth below are company-wide regardless of the service provided. Through your continued use of this website, by signing up for a service, or using our services, the customer agrees to have reviewed and understood these service terms, its details and is in agreement with the policies set forth. The term of this agreement will begin on the day you sign up for services or use our services and will continue for one (1) year after terminating usage and services with LVPCS.

LVPCS offers weekly pool maintenance services for a monthly fee for 12 consecutive months. We do not offer summer only services or bi-weekly services. During our weekly visit, we will do an onsite water test to check the chemical levels, unless otherwise noted in our quote to customer at sign up, provide chemical adjustments (chlorine tablets and acid), remove the debris from the pool surface and bottom, brush when needed, empty the leaf traps at the skimmer and pump, and inspect your pool equipment to ensure everything is in working order. Chemicals provided will be in amounts normally used for maintenance. Start up chemicals or special treatments are not included in the normal weekly maintenance and are at additional cost. You will also receive a weekly report of the pool service to include images and GPS location delivered directly to your email.

Filter cleanings are part of our maintenance program and are billed separately as they are completed. We prefer that customers do not clean their own filters as it could be problematic when we perform cleanings and we have to rely upon a customer to properly clean filters and identify issues with filter cartridges. Many times this scenario does not work.

Customers with lush landscaping must be aware that pollen, leaves, branches, pine cones, palm fronds, berries, etc detrimentally impacts the pool water health. This may cause a pool service to take longer and require additional chemicals which will be at an additional cost. Also, be aware that landscapers that blow debris into the pool are doing you a disservice. Your pool and your pool equipment suffer. We will provide our best effort but we will not be responsible for these scenarios.

Customers that are doing outside yard renovations should expect to have to drain their pool and have the filters cleaned once the work has been completed. Many times the contractor doing the work will hire the pool cleaning company to do this as part of their project cleanup process. Removing debris, dust, dirt etc from a pool is not part of the normal weekly maintenance.

Customers with bird/pigeon/duck/geese problems will need to contact an appropriate service company to mitigate the issue they will seriously impact the pool water health and cause a mess on the pool deck and in the pool. Our pool cleaning service is not the solution and cannot be relied upon to combat the problem. Once the problem has been mitigated special cleanings and additional chemicals are provided at additional cost.

LVPCS will service your pool 48 times a year, an average of 4 times a month. There are 52 weeks in a year.
The exceptions are as follows:

LVPCS takes 2 weeks off during the year and reserves 2 rainy/sick days per year.
• The two rainy/sick days will be used for times when for any reason your pool cannot be cleaned in a particular week. Whether it be the pool technician is sick, mechanical issues or inclement weather and we are unable to service your pool any time during that week.
• As a company, we are off for two separate weeks during the year. We do NOT work/service pools the week of Thanksgiving or the week of Christmas.

We do not offer a credit or discount for rainy/sick days or the two holiday weeks as you pay for 48 services a year. You may get a credit/discount if we skipped or missed your pool outside of this scenario.

The pool maintenance technician may observe and alert of possible needed repairs. A repair technician may follow up to diagnose the problem further so we can provide an accurate quote. Our quotes will provide the description of the repair and parts but may not contain part numbers. Any diagnostics will be free if the customer uses LVPCS to do the repairs. A diagnostic fee will be charged if a customer elects not to do repairs, does self-repairs or hires another company/contractor to do the repair. Declining or refusing to schedule repairs or replacements when needed does not mean we are obligated to spend extra time and use extra chemicals in your pool as a solution. Your pool water health requires good working pool equipment for proper water flow, circulation, and filtration.

LVPCS reserves the right to assign service days and change service days for any customer at any time. We assign pools for each day our pool technician is in an area. If we are not in your area on a particular day, we cannot service you on that day. Friday service is a popular request. However, it is logistically impossible to service all pools on Fridays.

It the responsibility of LVPCS to clean your pool, maintain healthy pool water, monitor pool equipment, clean filters, and advise about any conditions that will require attention, repair, or replacement. Upon completion of service, LVPCS will secure the pool/yard as instructed by the customer.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the pool has the proper water level, the pool equipment has power and is running as scheduled and to reasonably respond to recommendations provided by LVPCS. Shutting off water or power to the pool/pool equipment is not recommended unless it is in response to a needed repair or situation.  The customer will alert LVPCS to any observed issues with the pool.  The customer agrees to notify LVPCS about any issues or discrepancies with the pool service provided within 5 days so that LVPCS will have a chance to correct the problem.  No credits or discounts will be given for problems not reported within the 5-day period; you must allow LVPCS to fix the issue.

Declining or refusing to schedule repairs or replacements when needed does not mean we are obligated to spend extra time and use extra chemicals in your pool as a solution. Your pool water health requires good working pool equipment for proper water flow, circulation, and filtration.

In being your pool service company, we recognize you place an immense amount of trust in us. A responsibility we do not take lightly. While our highest priority is to provide exceptional customer service and workmanship, the safety of our technicians and customers is equally as important. For an activity to be done right, it must first be done safely. A task that can only be accomplished when we all work together. To ensure the mutual safety of our technicians and customers –

LVPCS pledges:
• Securely store keys, contact information, and other confidential items / information
• To provide our technicians, contractors and partners the necessary training and equipment to complete the job safely and effectively at hand.
• To leave job site and immediately and contact their supervisor if:
> They feel their personal safety is in danger.
> They are being harassed.
> There is the presence of illegal substances or biohazards.
• Report if there are unsupervised minors on the premises.
• Report unsafe working conditions or behaviors immediately.
• Place customer’s safety and security equal to their own.
• Not to climb on ladders more than 3ft tall unless trained and certified.
• Not to move or lift heavy items in excess of 50lbs unless job details call for such a task and proper safety equipment is utilized.
• Wear job appropriate safety equipment
• Speak and conduct ourselves in a polite and professional manner

Customer pledges:
• Immediately notify LVPCS office of:
> Any unsafe employee behavior witnessed
> Any discrepancies with the pool services provided (must be within 5-days)
> Any issues they observe with their pool
• Provide team members with a safe clutter free environment to conduct their work
• Provide water and electricity to the pool/pool equipment
• Secure Pets when service is being provided
• Provide pool access to LVPCS for pool services/repairs
• Allow LVPCS to conduct services/repairs without constant interruption

LVPCS reserves the right to refuse service if a customer is unable to carry on a conversation or request service without being rude, uses profanity, is overly demanding, shouting/screaming, is abusive, or threatens to or becomes physical.

LVPCS leverages the power of technology to ensure you are always aware that your service has been completed. Upon the completion of your sign-up process, you will be notified of your weekly service day. Because of this, any service cancelled less than 24 hours prior to service will be subject to the regular weekly rate. In the event our technicians are locked out, we will call/text the phone number on file and wait a maximum of 10 minutes. At the end of 10 minutes, should the technician remain locked out we will have to move on with the pool route and you will be charged the regular weekly rate. Lockouts include any reason the pool is inaccessible such as community gate code not working/changed, community security not allowing us through, locked yard gate, locked pool equipment gate, a loose dog/pet in the yard, etc.

LVPCS offers an all-inclusive service plan. To include all the services and treatments we offer at a competitive price, our service plan is based on a year-round commitment. By using our service, you understand that there will be a cancellation fee equal to 3 times your monthly rate or $350.00, whichever is higher, applied to your account if you cancel before you have reached the full one-year term OR $200.00 if you cancel after the one-year term for a non-service related reason. This excludes cancellations based on clear service issues reported to the LVPCS office directly no more than one week after the issue has taken place. All service cancellations require a written notice. Any weeks left of the service month will not be refunded.

LVPCS accepts all forms of payment and utilizes Secure Online Payment Processing for credit cards and ACH. Customers will be charged in advance for service while repair work is due upon completion of the service and the card on file will be charged. For any late payments, a $25 late fee will be assessed to each individual invoice, each additional month it is past due.  A 4% processing fee may be applied to all credit card transactions.  For repairs or installations over $1,000.00 a 50% deposit may be required prior to the work order being scheduled, the remaining balance is due upon completion. Continued non-payment for could result in filing a lien against the real property until full payment is received.

We respectfully ask all customers not to directly solicit or engage the service of any LVPCS technicians, employees, contractors, or partners who provide service on their property. This includes, but is not limited to, providing any service independently or above and beyond to the terms agreed between LVPCS and the customer. Please direct all service requests to the LVPCS office.

Customers are prohibited from directly or indirectly hiring our employees, technicians, contractors, or partners during our performance of services and for a period of 2 years after the last day of servicing customers property. Should a customer insist on directly or indirectly hiring one of our team members we have a buyout clause. The buyout amount is set at $5,000.00 each payable immediately upon offering employment, work, a project, or a contract to our team member.

LVPCS services are subject to weather conditions. While we make every effort to provide you consistent and timely services, we cannot predict the weather and are on occasion subject to Mother Nature’s conditions. That being said, our team members will show up each week (rain or shine) and provide the best service that the conditions allow for while maintaining a safe workplace. Professionals on any job site, for their safety, will not work with a pool pole in lightening. Heavy rains and winds may cause delays in service to up to several days or require the technicians to do a limited service subject to the agreed upon weekly rate. This determination is subject to our expertise and best judgement.

It is the intention of all parties and all suits and special proceedings under these terms that these terms and the performance under these terms, and all suits and special proceedings under these terms, be construed in accordance with and governed, to the exclusion of the law of any other forum, by the laws of the State of Nevada, without regard to the jurisdiction in which any action or special proceeding may be instituted. Any action or arbitration arising out of or related to these terms shall be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in Clark County, Nevada.